At 11:00am, at Berrymead Hall, the Sunday family service starts. This is the time of the week when all the members of the church gather together to sing, worship and pray to the Lord: it is a special and blessed time, when all join and share with one another the love and joy of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The service starts with a introductory prayer led by Joseph, one of the elders of Berrymead. This is followed by songs of worship played live by our worship team (Emily, Joanne, Joseph): everyone is most welcome to sing aloud and clap their hands! As the music fades some members of the church, being particularly inspired, lift up their prayers and words of praises to the Lord, in the most orderly manner.

After that Sid, of the elders of the church, has announced upcoming events and various notices, the speaker of the week comes forth. At Berrymead we have the pleasure to welcome every week a different speaker, who comes from a church that shares our faith and principles.

Before starting the sermon, all the children of the church are invited by the members to join the Sunday school, which takes place in an upstairs room. Joyce, Sheba and other members lead the children through bible stories and bible games.

Every other Sunday, at the end of the service the members of the Berrymead Church share the bread and wine in remembrance of our Lord Jesus. When the bread has been broken and all freely have taken part of it, the members drink on one accord the wine, which recalls the blood our Lord Jesus shed on the Cross for the cleansing and forgiveness of all our sins. The Lord’s supper is otherwise celebrated as a separate event, taking place at Berrymead Hall on Sunday evening at 7pm.

At 12:30pm the service is normally over and coffee/tea and biscuits await every member!
Come and join us! Be part of the family of Christ!